1. semester eksamensprojekt på ITU

The Concept is an app called Crowdling and is harvesting telecom data on everyone’s location in Copenhagen. The data is transformed into colored information on how crowded specific locations are. This insights will help people avoid lines at the most crowded cultural attractions or help them find a the grocery store that is the least busy. Thereby the citizens or visitors of Copenhagen will not have to walk for nothing and are able to spend a day in Copenhagen more efficiently and achieve the opportunity to experience more tourist attractions.

The different locations is illustrated by a colored pen, where the color indicates how crowded the location is, ranging from green to red. When clicking on a pen, additional information will be revealed such as opening hours, contact information and a short description.  A feature of the app will be the ability to filter for different agendas e.g. if you wanna go shopping for groceries or if you are a tourist and want to go see some attractions. As a natural reaction to see where there is less crowded, one will also have the possibility to see where there in fact is crowded. For example if there are unusually many people gathered at Israel’s Square, then the app could inform you that a flea market is happening right now.




















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